What you can do to build a united and equal Charleston

Fifty-some years after the "Charleston Movement" during the death throes of Jim Crow, there's a new and determined awakening for racial equality in our community. It's quieter – there's more day-to-day problem solving than marches and other protests – but today's local rights groups are fully committed to erasing Charleston's still-formidable color line.

Here are groups you can help:

  • Charleston Promise Neighborhood, whose mission is to break the chain of inter-generational poverty and isolation in The Neck, with a focus on improving the learning experiences of black students in the community's four public schools. 
  • Meeting Street Academy, a demonstrated success story in giving children in poor and segregated neighborhoods equal opportunity in education.
  • The 27-congregation-strong Charleston Area Justice Ministry, whose direct-action strategy has, among other things, helped to substantially reduce suspensions at public schools with predominantly black and low-income enrollments.
  • Charleston Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), where white people can bear witness to help attain justice for all.
  • The  86 schools of the Charleston County School District,, which need mentors, "lunch buddies," career advocates and other volunteers to help close the opportunity gap that holds back minority students.

Find a group that fits, and join the 21st-century Charleston Movement.